WebSideStory’s StatMarket Search Engine Ratings

WebSideStory’s StatMarket service measures how popular web sites are based on “referral” data that is gathers from millions of visits to website that use WebSideStory’s visitor tracking service.

Unfortunately, StatMarket doesn’t provide regular releases of search engine specific data, as do the major rating services of comScore Media Metrix or Nielsen//NetRatings. Instead, the company tends to do sporadic releases with selected search engine figures. These are listed below.

For releases from the other services, see the comScore Media Metrix Ratings and NetRatings Ratings pages within Search Engine Watch.

Releases from OneStat are also listed on this page. OneStat is a European-based service that tracks visitors in a similar fashion to WebSideStory.

Google Tops, But Yahoo Switch Success So Far
SearchDay, April 5, 2004

New stats from web analytics firm WebSideStory highlight the news often heard before: Google’s most popular, when it comes to search. But they also reveal that Yahoo’s recent replacement of Google results with those from its own crawler-based technology doesn’t appear to have cost it visitors.

Search Guiding More Web Activity
InternetNews.com, March 12, 2003

StatMarket data shows search engines have doubled in popularity as a way people reach web sites.

Google Challenges Yahoo as the No. 1 Search Site in the World
StatMarket, April 24, 2002

Yahoo accounted for more search referrals than any other search engine, 36 percent, based on worldwide traffic measurements. Google was just behind with 32 percent of referrals, followed by MSN with 13 percent. First URL probably won’t work in the long term, so use the second URL and scan for the story, if the first fails.

Google is the most popular search engine on the web
OneStat.com, April 15, 2002

OneStat.com is a tracking service similar to StatMarket. It named Google the top referring search engine on April 15, 2002, saying Google was responsible for 47 percent of search referrals, followed by Yahoo at 21 percent, then MSN Search at 8 percent and AltaVista. Some additional figures can be found on the release above, including a ranking of Dutch search engines.

Direct Navigation To Sites Rules, But Search Engines Remain Important
SearchEngineWatch.com, Feb. 19, 2002

A new release from StatMarket has found that web users are more likely to find web sites through direct navigation than a year ago, but this gain hasn’t been at the expense of search engine usage.

Excite@Home ISP Usage Share Soars, But Search Referrals At Excite.com Drop
StatMarket, June 26, 2001

Referrals from Excite were found to have dropped from 26.5 percent, as measured on Jan. 13, 1999, to 2.4 percent, as measured on June 21, 2001. Most of the decline happened in 1999.

MSN Climbs Into The No. 2 Spot Behind Yahoo
StatMarket, May 30, 2001

Yahoo was found to refer the most traffic to web sites in the US, accounting for 38.8 percent of their search referrals. MSN followed at 15.9 percent, then Google at 11.3 percent and AOL at 7.8 percent. Internationally, Yahoo referred 41.5 percent of traffic, followed by Google at 13.9 percent, MSN at 12.9 percent and AOL at 5.4 percent. The figures were for May 21, 2001.

Yahoo Number 1 Search Engine In 100 Countries
StatMarket, Feb. 26, 2001

Yahoo was found to refer more traffic than other search engines in all but a handful of countries.

Yahoo Heads List Of Top Referring Search Engines In The UK
StatMarket, Feb. 14, 2001

Yahoo referred 42 percent of search engine related traffic to UK web sites, as measured by StatMarket on Feb. 12, 2001. Google came next at 23 percent, followed by AltaVista at 8.1 percent, Excite at 6.9 percent and Lycos at 5.7 percent.

Survey Finds Search Engine Referrals Low
The Search Engine Report, Jan. 3, 2001

StatMarket found that search engines generate only 7 percent of traffic to web sites, far below the leading methods of direct navigation or following links. The low figure was surprising, because other surveys have consistently found that people report search engines as one of the top ways they find web sites. However, the Avoiding The Search Gap article explains why the figure can indeed be correct.

AltaVista’s Search Popularity Nearly Doubles in The Past 15 Months
StatMarket, July 31, 2000

Highlights a rise in traffic being delivered from AltaVista.

Lycos Surges in Search Popularity
StatMarket, June 6, 2000

Highlights that Lycos has risen to become the third most popular referring search engine, generating 5.3 percent of search engine-related traffic, as of May 27, 2000. While Lycos did reach the number three spot, the “surge” is much less significant than it sounds. StatMarket compared a figure for Lycos from January 1999 to the May 2000 figure cited in the release. The Lycos rise was much less impressive if compared to more recent figures, such as from December 1999 or April 2000.

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