Eugene Garfield: The Father of Citation Analysis

With so much talk about PageRank, web link analysis, and citation linking these days, I think featuring a link to Jacso’s interview with the father of citation analysis, Dr. Eugene Garfield, is very appropriate.

+ The FUTURE of Citation Indexing: An Interview with Eugene Garfield
This interview was first published in the January 2004 issue of Online magazine. Many of the concepts at the core of citation analysis form the foundation of link analysis. Btw, citation analysis is mentioned in the Brin/Page paper, The Anatomy of a Search Engine. It’s also mentioned in this article by the IBM CLEVER team (which preceded Google) that included Jon Kleinberg. CLEVER was never publicly released but many of its concepts are being used by Teoma/Jeeves.
See Also: Dr. Garfield’s Home Page and Links to Almost of His Publications
Interesting and important reading!
See Also: Full Text, “Citation Indexes for Science: A New Dimension in Documentation through Association of Ideas.”
The 1955 article that Dr. Jacso mentions at the beginning of the interview.
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