Using a Video Camera to Help Organize and Search Your Documents

Here’s an item to place in your future search and retrieve technology file.

A report from Technology Research News: Video Organizes Paper Documents, discusses protoype technology that utilizes a video camera to, “track physical documents on a desk and automatically link them to appropriate electronic documents.”

The story goes on to say that, “users can find a document using keywords, document appearance, or by how recently a paper was moved. A user can ask, for example, ‘Where is my W-2 form?’ The photo-sorting application allows users to sort digital photographs using printouts of the photos.”

The technology was presented at the User Interface Software and Technology 2004 in October. Researchers say the technology is still three to four years away from general availabilty.

The paper presented at the conference is titled, Video-Based Document Tracking: Unifying Your Physical and Electronic Desktops, and was written by researchers at the University of Washington and Microsoft and is available here (PDF).

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