Survey Says: Google Workers Use Google 100 Percent!

In What Search Engines Do Search Engine
Companies Use?
, Nathan at InsideGoogle provides stats from Visitorville Intelligence showing what top search
engines are used by those who work at particular search engines after being tipped
to the service by Google Blogoscoped. Those at Google apparently use Google 100 percent of the time. Those at Yahoo use Yahoo 69 percent of the time, followed by Google
30 percent of the time.

Visitorville collects the information by mining referer data provided by those who use its web analytics service.
That’s similar to what WebSideStory’s StatMarket has long done. Some background on search related releases from that company can be found

The problem with mining referer information is that it can be skewed by the sites actually involved. There’s no guarantee that the sample using Visitorville reflects
the sample from across the web. And frankly, the idea that 100 percent of Google employees use Google leaves me wondering about the data. I mean, 99 percent, sure — but
a pure 100 percent?

Nevertheless, you can have fun playing around looking at stats for companies via the Visitorville Intelligence
site itself. Other interesting stats are things like Most Fanatical Users Of Google, which shows
those on Comcast Cable using it the most. That doesn’t mean Comcast employees use Google the most, of course — but more likely that those accessing the web through
Comcast are big Google users.

Want to discuss? We’ve got a forum thread going here: Should Yahoo employees search elsewhere?

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