OneStat Says Google Stays On Top In Global Search

Visitor tracking service OneStat says Google remains the search engine sending the most users to sites
making use of its measuring service. On average over the last two months, traffic the top four search engines is reported as follows:

  • Google: 57.2%
  • Yahoo: 21.3
  • MSN Search: 8.6%
  • AOL Search: 3.5%

Google was said to have increased its traffic a tiny 0.8 percent from eight months ago. Working off figures from this prior
release, here’s a full rundown on gains and losses:

  • Google: +0.8%
  • Yahoo: +0.2%
  • AOL Search -0.3%
  • MSN Search -0.6%

For a rundown of similar releases from OneStat, see the company’s press release page and
this page from Search Engine Watch.

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