Study: Organic Search Results Still Rule

A new eye tracking study found that searchers still favor algorithmic search results on a Google search result page. And (no surprise) top-ranking results were viewed more often than those lower on the page. Perhaps the most interesting finding, from a search marketing standpoint, was that sponsored listings, virtually across the board, were viewed less frequently than organic listings.

These results raise an important question: Are you allocating your search marketing budget appropriately? Have you abandoned “old school” organic search engine optimization in favor of an “easier” approach using nothing but sponsored listings? If so, you should reconsider your strategy.

Today’s SearchDay article, A New F-Word for Google Search Results, describes the results of the study conducted by search marketing firms Enquiro and Did-it and eye tracking firm Eyetools. The study joins the growing body of tangible evidence that natural search listings are still an incredibly important source of search traffic for most web sites.

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