Research Papers: Rankings, Link Farms, Personalization, and PageRank Collusion

Yesterday’s post about the revised research paper that will be presented at the WWW2005 Conference next month reminded me that I need to begin compiling links to some of the search papers that will be delivered conference. I plan to do get it done in several installments. So, consider this installment number one. Here we go. More coming soon.

+ An Analysis of Factors Used in Search Engine Ranking (AIRWeb Workshop)
by Albert Bifet, Carlos Castillo, Paul-Alexandru Chirita and Ingmar Weber.

+ Web Spam, Propaganda and Trust(AIRWeb Workshop)
by Panagiotis T. Metaxas and Joseph DeStefano.
UPDATE: A slide presentation is now available.

+ Identifying Link Farm Spam Pages
by Baoning Wu and Brian D. Davison.
Note: A new tech report from Stanford’s Zoltan Gyongyi and Hector Garcia-Molina: Link Spam Alliances, will not be presented at the WWW2005 conference but might be of interest.

+ A Personalized Search Engine based on Web-snippet Hierarchical Clustering
by Antonio Gulli. Note: You can check out the engine described in the paper here. A new personalized version is also available. Antonio Gulli is the Director, Advanced Products at Ask Jeeves. His personal homepage is home to lots of interesting reading and demos including this one for ComeToMyHead, a news search tool (more than 2000 sources) that also offers images, personalization, and classification. In other words, what I’ll be checking out this weekend. (-:

+ Pagerank Increase under Different Collusion Topologies (AIRWeb Workshop)
by Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Carlos Castillo and Vincente Lopez.

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