Building Intelligent Search Tools

It’s two for Tuesday on the SEW Blog. (-: We have two travel search news items and two posts about multimedia search. We’ll end the day with our second post containing a Q&A interview. This one comes from and is titled: Intelligent Search Engines Save Time. Gerhard Weikum, Director of Research for Information Systems at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, shares his thoughts about developing and building more intelligent search tools.

From the interview:

Q. How can search engines become fit for complex queries?

Weikum: Search engines need more context. They need something like an interest and experience profile of the user, and they also need a profile in terms of the data. The profiles must have a clear structure, notation system, and the relationships between related words. Such relationships would include an awareness that witches in literature are typically women or that Scotland is part of Great Britain. Computers can be taught an awareness of context and background knowledge, which can lead to a search engine capable of a satisfactory answer to a tricky query.

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