Presentations from the 2005 Search Engine Meeting are Now Available Online

The 2005 Search Engine Meeting took place in Boston on April 11-12 and I’ve just noticed that most of the presentations from the meeting are now available online. Plenty of interesting reading from many big names in the industry. Links to a few of the presentations are listed below. Links to all of presentations can be found here.

+ Internet Search Engines: Past and Future
By Jan Pedersen, Yahoo

+ What We Know About User Behavior (And What We Are Not So Sure of)
by Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee, School of Information Sciences

+ Content Management on the Web: the Next Killer App for Search
by Tom Wilde,

+ Personal Information Retrieval: Helping Finders become Keepers
by Susan Dumais, Microsoft Research

+ The Google Legacy
by Steven Arnold, Arnold IT

+ Next Generation Search Technology Advancements
by John Lervik, FAST Search and Transfer

+ Search Immersion
by Oshoma Momoh, Microsoft

+ New Solutions for Old (Search) Problems
by David A Evans, Clairvoyance

+ Arguments for Clustering and Meta-Search as a Universal Norm for Information Retrieval
by Raul Valdes-Perez, Vivisimo

+ Structuring the Unstructured Web for Specialized Searching
by Ammy Vogtlander, Scirus/Elsevier

+++ MANY more presentations are available here.

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