RustySearch Search Relevancy Challenge: Everyone’s Pretty Average, So Far

Barry Schwartz’s Search Engine Relevancy Challenge is still going strong at
RustySearch. How’s it going so far? He’s had 5,000 rated search so far and gives an update here:
RustySearch Hits 5,000 Rated Searches.

I like the cool little "search engine relevancy dials" he’s added to show how each service is doing. Here’s the non-cool bullet point rundown:

  • Yahoo, 3.4
  • Google, 3.4
  • Ask, 3.3
  • MSN, 3.1

What do those numbers mean? A score of 1 is poor, while a score of 5 is excellent. So overall, everyone’s pretty much average. More details are in his
post, and don’t forget to participate by trying RustySearch.

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