Nielsen//NetRatings: 11% of Blog Readers use RSS

The results of a new study out today from Nielsen/NetRatings (PDF) shows that 11% of blog readers use RSS to access headlines and read blog content. I would have thought the number would have been somewhat higher amongst blog readers given the amount of attention RSS gets in the blogosphere. I would also be interested to learn how “blogs” were defined since more and more non-blog sites are now offering RSS feeds.

From the survey:

  • Nearly five percent of blog readers use feed aggregation software and more than six percent use a feed
    aggregating Web site to monitor RSS feeds from blogs.
  • The majority of respondents to the survey were less familiar with RSS feeds. Among the other respondents, 23 percent understood RSS but did not use it, while 66 percent either did not understand
    the technology or had never heard of it.

Use of RSS Feeds, June 2005
Survey Response Percent of Respondents
I use feed aggregation software to monitor RSS feeds for blogs——4.9%
I use a feed aggregating Web site to monitor RSS feeds for blogs—-6.4%
I?ve heard of RSS and know what it does but don?t use RSS feeds—-23.0%
I?ve heard of RSS but don?t know what it does———————-15.7%
I?ve never heard of RSS before today——————————-50.0%

Last month, a survey from the Pew Internet & American Life project showed that only 9% of those surveyed had a “good idea” of what the term RSS means.

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