Google About To Increase Index Size?

I’m still working on my revisit to the entire
Yahoo-Google size debate, but we may be about to see the long-expected response of Google raising its
figures shortly. A reader drops a note that on some Google data centers, you can find major increase in counts being reported.

Below are some examples comparing results from to one of its data centers:

But it’s not always an increase:

Want to play? Here are the data centers to try:

Anyway, as others have expected including myself and
Gary, the script to this battle is sadly too clear. Google will obviously want to get above Yahoo’s figure
so it can say it’s once again the "biggest."

The twist is that this time, folks won’t be taking those numbers as they have before. The counts as I’ve said mean nothing, and I really am trying to finish off my piece to
hammer home why this is so.

The real brave move by Google? Drop the count from the home page, so we can finally get beyond this nonsense.

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