Google Zeitgeist 05: Featuring Press & Bloggers But No Blogging Or Coverage Allowed

So I’m reading a discussion
over at Threadwatch about those going to our
SEW Forums Live
event next month, and member eWhisper notes he can’t make it, as
Zeitgeist ends that day? Zeitgeist? I follow the link.
Zeitgeist ’05: The Google
Partner Forum
is happening on Oct. 25-27, the first "customer innovation
conference" Google says it has ever held. About 400 people are on the invite
only list. Speakers on the
agenda range from
the top three Google Guys, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmdit to IAC’s
Barry Diller to MSN’s Yusuf Mehdi to Yahoo’s Terry Semel to Microsoft blogger
Robert Scoble. The traditional press is well in attendance, with James Fallows
of the Atlantic Monthly, New Yorker staff writer Malcolm Gladwell, the chairman
and publisher of the New York Times Arthur Sulzberger and others. Excellent,
can’t wait to hear what comes out. Wait a minute! The
FAQ says:

All speeches and discussions at Zeitgeist are off the record. To ensure
that our presenters and attendees can speak openly, no press coverage or
blogging is permitted.

This will be good, to see if you can keep open discussions among 400 people,
some of them bloggers, many of them press, somehow off the record.

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