Why We Use Various Search Engines

InternetRetailer has done
some nice charts
off of a Majestic Research/comScore
report looking at why we use particular search engines (for Google, it’s the
results; for others, it’s because you’re doing other things). The stats also
look at awareness of paid links and tolerance of demographic and behavior
targeting. Here’s a summary:

For the question of why people use particular search engines, top reasons for
each major service were:

  • Google: 68 percent say it’s because it has the best results.
  • AOL: 65 percent say it’s because they are doing other things at AOL, like
    checking mail and other non-search activities.
  • MSN: 63 percent say it’s just like AOL, because they are doing other
    things there.
  • Yahoo: 52 percent say it’s just like AOL, because they are doing other
    things there. Yahoo got the second highest marks for having the best results
    after Google, with 33 percent choosing that reason.

The report found that AOL and Google users were the most likely to notice
sponsored links (82 and 81 percent, respectively) while MSN users were the least
likely to notice them (69 percent).

As for privacy, 58 percent said they weren’t worried about being
demographically or behaviorally targeted as long as it was disclosed and they
could opt out. And 27 percent said they’d keep using a search engine even if
they couldn’t opt out.

Haven’t tracked down the actual report yet; will postscript, if I can find

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