The UK Goes “Searching” for Broadband

So what’s the most popular product search in the UK? According to Hitwise and this article from Netimperative it’s “broadband.”

Internet research firm Hitwise found that the term ?broadband? was the top product search term sending visits to retail websites for the week ending 26 November 2005, with a 35% year-on-year increase in the volume of UK searches. ?Offline advertising has led to brand name searches online, with 9 of the top 20 search terms that include the keyword ?broadband? including the name of a provider.?

More Numbers

Hitwise data shows that searches for ?bulldog broadband? were up 899% year-on-year last week, searches for ?virgin broadband? were up 20%, and searches for ?toucan broadband? were up 272%. The most popular generic searches (those that do not include a brand name) for broadband are ?broadband providers?, ?cheap broadband? and ?broadband deals?, the figures reveal.

Want more stats on popular search terms? Make sure to visit the Hitwise Intelligence compiled by Bill Tancer and his team. It’s one of those sites that’s interesting, fun, and useful.

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