Collaborative Web Tagging Will Be Topic of Workshop at WWW 2006

Collaborative taggers should tag the following item, “workshop.”

The RawSugar Blog (RawSugar is a social search engine (beta) with over 135,000 URLs tagged by members since its public beta launched 2 months ago) is announcing that a collaborative web tagging workshop is a go at the 2006 World Wide Web Conference (WWW2006) in Edinburgh in May. So far Frank Smadja, RawSugar’s VP of Engineering, Scott Golder of HP Labs and Andrew Tomkins from Yahoo Research are set to participate. Others who have been invited to speak are listed in the blog post. Contact Frank, Scott, or Andrew if you’re interested in contributing.

More about RawSugar itself in this just posted interview with its CEO, Ofer Ben-Shachar.

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