The A9 Top 99 Search Terms of 2005; All Terms Contain Nine Letters

I said the other day it’s the Top Search Terms of 2005 rankngs time of the year and we’ve already had releases this week from Lycos and AOL. Today it’s A9’s turn. However, A9 does something different unlike what we usually see elsewhere.. Most often, year-end top search term lists that have rankings divided into various categories (music, film, people). What makes A9 different? They only rank the Top 99 search terms that contain nine letters.

I’m so glad the Paris Hilton contains a space and ten letters. This is one list she’s not on. (-: Btw, A9 uses the Google database to power its web engine.

Here’s the Top 10 of the The A9 Top 99 of 2005

  1. equipment
  2. refinance
  3. furniture
  4. insurance
  5. marketing
  6. wholesale
  7. christian
  8. treatment
  9. corporate
  10. directory

The complete list can be found here.

Thanks to Michael Fagan of FaganFinder and URLInfo fame for the news tip.

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