Yahoo Top Searches Of 2005

Top search terms of 2005 week continues. We’ve had
A9 weigh in
already on the most popular searches this year. Now
Top Searches 2005 –
Britney’s Back!
over at the Yahoo Search Blog gives you Yahoo’s rundown for
tops in web search (Britney Spears), image search (Jessica Simpson) and video
search (Britney again). Head over to
2005 Top Searches, and you
can drill down by celebrity (and by sex), sports, products, news, entertainment,
top movers and some international top lists.

Who’s left? No doubt MSN and Ask will be along soon, plus there’s the big G.
Google 2004 top terms are
here. Using my
amazing deductive powers that each year-end list at Google uses the format of
zeitgeistYEAR.html, I predict you’ll see Google’s list at
in the very near future. So
bloggers, start your page watching monitors to see when it changes, for bragging
rights to be the first to say it’s live.

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