Paul Flaherty, A Founder Of AltaVista, Passes Away UPDATED

Sad news that Paul Flaherty, one of the founders of AltaVista, passed away on
Friday. I don’t have more details at the moment, other than that there was to be
a wake and funeral for him today. The news came to me from Jeff Black, a former
general manager of AltaVista. I’ll postscript more below as I hear. FYI, Richard
Selzter has a nice guide to some early AltaVista alumnus here. An old home
page for Paul is here. Chris Sherman has some early history of AltaVista here.

Postscript: More information on funeral arrangements, Paul’s background, family donations can now be found here.

Postscript by Barry: On March 26th, the KTLA posted this update on Paul Flaherty.

AP also has coverage here.

Want to comment or express condolences or thoughts? You can also visit our SEW Forums thread, An AltaVista Founder, Paul Flaherty, Passes Away.

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