60% Of Search Marketers Should Be Targeting Hispanics But Are Not

Nacho Hernandez released a special report on the Hispanic market yesterday that showed approximately 60% of search marketers are not targeting the growing Hispanic market. The study surveyed 1026 respondents and found the following “key findings;”

Even though the opportunity is great, not all companies today are doing something to design marketing efforts specifically for Hispanics. Only 36% of respondents said they are already doing something about it, and that proportion reached 40% when segmenting those just in the US. At the same time, 23% across the board said they have not done so yet but have plans to. Therefore, we can consider that roughly two of three professionals are aware of its importance and need to do something about it.

Nacho’s study drills down into segments of Hispanic; Mexicans (67%), Puerto Ricans (9%), Cubans (4%). They also ask how the current search marketers target the Hispanic market. It looks like about 28% take a local approach, 26% take a national approach, 24% take a regional approach, 14% take a global approach and 9% “other.”

Read the full report here and also take a look at Mindy Charski write up.

Keep in mind SES Latino is coming up this July, more information here.

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