NetRatings: Google Tops 50 Percent Mark In US Web Searches

New stats
(PDF) out from NetRatings show Google now handles half the web searches in the
United States:

Search Engine April 2005 April 2006
Google 47% 50%
Yahoo 22% 22%
MSN 12% 11%

Need a longer view? See our
for stats over time. I’ll be getting the missing months posted soon,
promise. I’m also planning a side-by-side against comScore figures. The latest
of those released
earlier this week show Google with a smaller chunk of the search pie but still
higher than others. Here’s a fast side-by-side:

April 2006 comScore NetRatings
Google 43% 50%
Yahoo 28% 22%
MSN 13% 11%

Historical comScore figures are on our
comScore page,
fresh through March 2006.

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