Top 25 Search Phrases Conducted At The CIA FOIA Collection Listed

The CIA has a site that enables people to access and search CIA information such as previously released documents that were approved for release to the public. Gary Price discovers that the CIA has come up with a list of the top 25 searches at the CIA’s FOIA Electronic Reading Room. Which phrases made the top 25, yea, UFO is one of them, what are the others?

soviet analysis: 1647
ufo: 1066
iran: 690
cuba: 652
south africa: 457
assassination: 400
brazil: 367
iraq: 366
area 51: 364
soviet+analysis: 358
afghanistan: 352
bay of pigs: 323
jfk: 304
israel: 295
chile: 294
kennedy: 280
vietnam: 244
nicaragua: 231
france: 226
poland: 215
pbsuccess: 212
nato: 202
soviet: 198
korea: 175
turkey: 170

The page is expected to be updated twice per month, one the first and fifteenth of each month.

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