Presentations from the Future of Web Search, in Barcelona

When it was announced earlier this year that Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates would be joining Yahoo, part of the agreement involved him continuing to work with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. An event sponsored by Yahoo and the Web Research Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the Future of Web Search took place on May 19-20, 2006, and included a large cast of presenters on a wide variety of topics.

ResourceShelf’s Gary Price noted yesterday that many of the slides from the workshop are now online. Here are a few of the presentations available:

Using Rank Propagation and Probabilistic Counting for Link-based Spam Detection

“Tuning”: Error Optimisation in Ad-Hoc Retrieval

Current Approaches to Personalized Web Search

Applications of Mining Web Queries

Boosting Performance of Web Search Engines Using Query Logs

From Query Based Information Retrieval to Context Driven Information Supply

The presentation also included a symbolic opening of the Yahoo! Research Lab in Barcelona.

Javier Casares and Tomy Lorsch have a short interview with Andrei Broder, at ojobuscador, from the second day of workshops with transcriptions in both English and Spanish. The sound quality isn’t great, but it provides a nice glimpse into the energy present during the two days of workshops.

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