Hitwise: Google Nearing 60% Of Queries In US

Just over a week ago, NetRatings
said Google went over the 50 percent mark in
powering web searches in the US. New stats today from Hitwise put them nearing
the 60 percent mark. Here’s the percentage of searches each service handled over
the past three months, according to Hitwise:

Domain March 2006 April 2006  May 2006
www.google.com 58.3% 58.6% 59.3%
search.yahoo.com 22.3% 22.2% 22.0%
search.msn.com 13.1% 12.6% 12.1%

Data based on four week period:
May (4/30ᅵ5/27); April (4/2ᅵ4/29) and March (3/5-4/1)

How about a side-by-side of from the three major rating services? OK:

April 2006 comScore NetRatings Hitwise
Google 43% 50% 59%
Yahoo 28% 22% 22%
MSN 13% 11% 12%

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