Dennis Mortensen in Podcast: Click Fraud is between 2% and 4%

Dennis Mortensen has been active in the world of analytics for more than 10 years. Currently, he is COO of IndexTools, a leading analytics software player. Dennis and I have put together a podcast about click fraud and metrics based web analytics.

Regarding click fraud, Dennis has access to data from the more than 4,000 clients that IndexTools has. When he sees the data from some of the larger agencies that IndexTools works with, agencies that spend millions of dollars on PPC marketing, it shows click fraud to be in the 2% to 4% range – a far cry from the 20% to 30% figures that we see in the news.

As for metrics based web analytics, the concept is one focused on using your analytics software to find the data that you can use to grow your business and operating margins. It requires a strong analytical mind to do it, but it is where the biggest upside is in using your analytics software tool.

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