Want Your Site Featured on Search Engine Watch?

I write a weekly column for Search Engine Watch known as “By The Numbers”, which is published every Wednesday (you can always see the latest article on the home page).

And I need data.

I want to publish a series of great case studies that demonstrate success stories in SEO, web marketing, social media, or analytics. Good case studies would be something that includes this type of information:

  1. A before “picture”, detailing the state of a site before any changes were made to the site.
  2. A summary of what was done.
  3. An after “picture”, detailing the state of a site after the changes were made to the site.
  4. Hard core numbers that show how this grew traffic, indexed pages, revenue, margin, or whatever data seems most relevant.

If you think you have a case study that qualifies, please use the following form to contact me.

The site featured in the case study will receive a link in the process!

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