WebSideStory Rebrands itself as Visual Sciences

We covered the announcement by WebSideStory that they are rebranding themselves as Visual Sciences earlier. The message from the company is that their “decision to use one brand — Visual Sciences — going forward is symbolic.”

At a deeper level, however, I do think it says something about the company’s orientation. Leaving behind a well known brand is generally something you do when you want to change your image and positioning.

The prior brand, WebSideStory was a highly respected brand in the analytics industry, but the Visual Sciences brand brings to mind higher end analytics solutions for sites with more complex needs.

That said, it seems clear that the Visual Sciences remains committed to the existing products, such as HBX Analytics. In fact, they also co-announced the release of HBX Analytics 4. The major features in this release include:

  1. Active Segmentation for E-Commerce Order Data
  2. Product Placement Analysis
  3. Report on Multiple Store Fronts within on Account
  4. Enhanced User Administration
  5. Commerce Custom Variables
  6. User Interface Enhancements
  7. Visual Workstation for HBX provides:
    • Custom reporting
    • Ad-hoc analysis
    • Interactive data visualization capabilities

I would expect Visual Sciences to continue to support and enhance their entry level products, and to look to provide a consistent migration path for companies that want to progressively get deeper and deeper into web analytics.

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