Interview with Unica’s Rand Schulman

Just over a week ago I sat down with Rand Schulman and spoke at length about the web analytics industry, and some of the recent events there. To put in place Rand’s role in this industry, consider the following quote from Jim Sterne:

Rand Schulman didn’t study web analytics, he created it. He didn’t join the industry, he built it. He didn’t prophesy solutions, he helped a generation of web analysts identify and tackle real world problems.

One of the intriguing comments that Rand made during the interview was about Google Analytics. He believes that Google will not give away much more advanced functionality in their analytics product because it would be difficult for them to support it. I.e. the lack of incoming revenue makes it hard to cover the costs inherent in supporting more advanced functionality. One thing he feels that Google should do is to increase the integration of Google Analytics with other Google owned applications.

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