Small Business Owners can Learn SEO

Matt Cutts posted on Friday a few SEO Tips for Bloggers. He starts the post by providing a variety of links to the presentation that he gave at Wordcamp 2007, including a video of the hour long talk, a transcript of the talk, and three different write-ups of the session.

One of the very cool things that came out of Matt’s post (as opposed to the session at Wordcamp) was the discussion of San Diego chiropractor David Klein. David Klein attended last years Pubcon in Las Vegas, and he volunteered his site for review in one of the Site Clinic sessions. It was immediately clear that David was at a very early stage in learning SEO.

What has unfolded since then makes a great case study for small business owners. David has truly begun to learn the craft. As Matt details in his post, he has begun to understand the link bait process – he is the publisher of the transcript above, and did some very creative things with the other attendees at Wordcamp to get links from them as well.

There are three major points that emerge from all this:

  1. Small businesses can benefit from SEO. David now has made it onto the first page of Google for one of his key target terms “san diego chiropractor”. My bet is that he will continue to rise in the rankings because of his other efforts.
  2. Small business people can learn SEO. Many of the basics are pretty straight forward. You aren’t necessarily going to learn every aspect to start getting some benefits.
  3. Last, but not least, the value of these shows. David made a commitment by attending the show sat Pubcon, and has obviously followed through by going to other events.

Keep in mind, SES San Jose is just around the corner – it starts next Monday, August 20th.

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