ComScore Launches Search Marketing Intelligence Service

Market research firm comScore has launched a search marketing-specific intelligence service, comScore Marketer. Using data collected from comScore’s panel of more than 2 million consumers, the service can offer search marketers insight into their own visitors, as well as their competitors and partners.

“We have this rich base of panelists where we pick up online behavior, and we pick up search behavior too,” said Dan Lackner, senior VP at comScore. “It made sense to harvest the data we collect to help our customers allocate their marketing dollars more efficiently.”

ComScore Marketer is a subscription service, with data updated monthly. It presents the marketer with site-specific data, such as traffic and keyword referral data, as well as comparisons within a site category or among competitors’ sites.

It also presents visitor data based on the search query, identifying other sites and categories frequented by others who typed in that query. That information will allow a marketer to find other sites to consider for advertising to increase their reach, or excluding sites that are being overexposed to control frequency, said Steve Dennen, comScore’s senior director of market research.

“Over the last six to nine months, there’s been a movement in the industry to get search out of the silo, and make it work together with other advertising,” Dennen said. “This lets them reach people at different touchpoints, and find other places to reach similar people.”

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