March Search Market Share Numbers Begin to Trickle In

Search engine marketers love their data, so grab a cup of coffee and mull over the numbers released by Hitwise and for the search market in March 2008. Of course, both have Google as possessing the mammoth share of the market, with Hitwise attributing 67.25% and Compete showing 69.4%.

Hitwise has Google gaining 0.84% over February 2008 and 3.12% over March of 2007. has Google losing 0.6% month over month and gaining 4.7% year over year.

Both reports saw losses for Yahoo. Hitwise reports 20.29% for March 2008, 20.59% for February 2008, and 21.26% for March 2007. Compete has Yahoo at 14.8% for March 2008, 15.7% for February 2008, and 19.7% for March 2007.

But the two reports differ dramatically when it comes to MSN. Hitwise has MSN at 6.65% in March 2008 down from 6.95% in February 2008 and 9.01% in March 2007. Hitwise has MSN at 10.2% up from 8.4% in February 2008 and 9.5% in March 2007.

Compete also released data about the number of search queries. And this is where everyone but Yahoo shines. In year over year stats, Google saw an increase of 51.9%, MSN 51.8%, Ask 57%, and AOL 43.5% in search query volume. Yahoo only saw a 6.1% increase over last year.

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