Search Gains on Social Media in Share of Online Video Referrals

Hitwise is reporting data showing that search and social media are virtually equal when it comes to the share of referrals to online video.

In the week ending April 12, 2008, the share of search referrals were up 35% year-over-year, while the share of social media referrals was down by 20%.

Within search referrals, Google’s share increased by 44% and Yahoo’s increased by 13%. Within social media referrals, the share of referrals declined by 25%.

The increase in search referrals is likely attributed to universal and blended search.

Still, online videos are gaining in popularity. comScore is reporting that over 10.8 billion online videos were viewed in the month of February alone, up 3% from January and 66% from February 2007. And Hitwise adds context with reporting that viewers spent an average of 16 minutes and 12 seconds watching online videos last week, up from 15 minutes and 14 minutes year-over-year.

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