Survey Finds Search Engine Marketing Budgets in UK to Increase

According to the UK Search Engine Marketing Report 2008, released today by E-consultancy in association with Search Engine Marketing agency Neutralize (**), the industry is thriving in the UK with 63% of companies planning to increase their paid search (PPC) budget and 61% planning to increase their search engine optimization (SEO) budget.

In a press release, Lucy Cokes, the Managing Director of Neutralize (**), said, “It appears evident that search engine marketing is now cemented in the minds and therefore budgets of UK marketers. It is fantastic to see a greater understanding of the benefits of a well managed search marketing campaign and budgets being increased accordingly across both paid and organic search.”

Now in its second year, the UK Search Engine Marketing Report is based on the results of a survey completed earlier in the year by more than 1,000 respondents from both agencies and companies with first-hand experience of search engine marketing.

One of the key trends found in the report is this one: Since 2007, the proportion of companies conducting PPC and SEO exclusively inhouse has declined. Correspondingly, the proportion of respondents using an agency for both disciplines has gone up.

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