Student Searches: The Top 15 Searches for the K-12 Set

What are your kids searching for during the school day? netTrekker d.i. has released data about the Top 15 In-School searches for the first quarter of 2008. And here they are:

1. Games
2. Dogs
3. Animals
4. Civil War
5. George Washington
6. Holocaust
7. Abraham Lincoln
8. Multiplication
9. Math Games
10. Weather
11. Frogs
12. Fractions
13. Planets
14. Sharks
15. Plants

The results were tracked by Thinkronize, the developers behind netTrekker d.i., which is a safe educational search engine.

“Search engines like Google(TM) and Yahoo┬« pull together lists of the most popular keyword queries, underscoring our nation’s interests and fixations and showcasing trends and patterns,” said Thinkronize CEO Randy Wilhelm. “Our report offers a different view — a real-time school-based mirror of what our children are searching for — both for academic purposes and out of genuine curiosity.”

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