ComScore Places Google Sites Ahead of Yahoo Sites for First Time

While Google has dominated the search market, it’s Yahoo that’s been the leader as a destination site (think email, photos, etc.), according to published reports. But the tide is turning in that field, as comScore reported Google sites finally overtook Yahoo sites in the month of April.

But unlike its lead in search, this lead is a slight one. Only 466,000 visitors separate the #1 and #2 slots in this field. Here’s the raw data for April:

Google sites saw 141.1 million visitors, up 18% year over year.
Yahoo sites saw 140.6 million visitors, up 7% year over year.
Microsoft trailed in third at 121 million.

Yahoo does still lead in page views, meaning either people are returning or are more engaged in Yahoo content. Yahoo had 33.6 billion page views while Google saw 28.7 billion page views.

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