Social Networking the UK Continues to Rise

Social networking is a hot topic this year and the numbers continue to rise in the UK, according to new data released by eMarketer. In 2007, 11 million UK internet users visited social networking sites regularly. Also, in 2007, 27% said they had created a social network profile, but in 2008, already 60% of survey respondents said they had created a profile.

The ad spend for social networks in the UK is projected to rise a whopping 77% despite ongoing concerns over how to monetize social media. By 2012, social network ad spend is expected to have increased 148% over 2008, reaching £285 million ($533 million). This year, an estimated £115 million ($225 million) is expected to be spent on social network ads.

The UK is ahead of the rest of Europe when it comes to social network spending, making up 68% of the market.

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