80% Buy from a Store Whose Site They Previously Visited

Measurement and analytics are crucial to a successful online marketing campaign, but the relationship between online marketing and offline purchases has been a tricky one to figure out. But as more attention is given to the matter, we’re learning more about the connection.

Media measurement company, Nielsen Online, conducted a survey to examine the relationship between online research and offline purchases. They found that 80% of participants who had recently bought consumer electronics from a brick and mortar store whose site they visited first.

  • 53% bought from the site where they spent the most time.
  • 58% would choose the internet if they could only use one channel to conduct product research on consumer electronics. Only 25% chose the brick and mortar store.

Nielsen used “pet food” as another category to examine the online/offline connection. They used this category to examine a niche that might not need as much research. I personally think this was a bad topic for that purpose due to last year’s pet food crisis. But let’s check out the data anyway.

Here’s the percentages of pet food survey participants who would use the internet to research each topic.

  • 48% Learn about nutritional specifications
  • 45% Learn about product ingredients
  • 45% Learn about recalls
  • 40% Learn more about safety issues
  • 40% Find sales/promotions

Of course, as we learned yesterday, more and more people are turning to the internet to make purchases due to rising gas costs.

But the message is clear, online marketing and company websites impact consumer purchasing decisions.

What do you think of the data? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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