comScore: No Clients are Leaving Us for Google

During their conference call announcing second quarter results, comScore addressed whether or not a new Google research product is impacting their business. Google announced their new media measurement tool, Ad Planner, in late June. So far, the program is open by invitation only (though companies can apply for an invite).

comScore CEO Magid Abraham said, “We really haven’t seen an impact so far on our business, we haven’t heard any client who’s said well use [the Google product] instead of comScore,” according to Marketwatch.

A conflict with comScore’s data doesn’t seem to be hurting the measurement company either. Earlier this year, analysts used comScore’s search advertising numbers, showing a decline for Google, to underestimate the search giant for the first quarter of 2008. But Google beat Wall Street in Q1. Google says that the improved quality of their ad product decreased clicks but improved revenues.

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