Holiday E-Commerce Update: Spending Flat Last Week

comScore has been providing weekly updates on holiday e-commerce spending and the reports have been like a roller coaster.

First, we started down, with November spending down 4% over last year. Then we took a gentle climb on Black Friday (1% increase) followed by a steeper incline on Cyber Monday, which saw sales rise 15% over last year. The week that started with Cyber Monday had an overall lift of 7%.

But what goes up must come down, with last week’s sales falling flat year-over-year.


Looking at the glass half full, considering last week’s downright awful economic news, it’s almost a miracle the sales were flat instead of down. Unemployment increased and a $50 billion ponzi scheme was exposed. (Those unemployment numbers didn’t even include the thousands of layoffs announced/performed last week.)

It’s starting to get a bit late to have anything ordered online delivered to your door, so if you’re looking to stay in the game, you might want to consider expedited shipping offers. Or if you have brick and mortar stores, drive foot traffic through the doors with printable coupons or mobile coupons if you’re especially awesome.

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