Holiday E-Commerce Sales Flat Overall According to Latest comScore Data

With the economy in the pooper and 5 fewer holiday shopping days than last year, the latest data from comScore will show whether you’re a half glass full or half glass empty kind of person.

As the 2008 holiday shopping season draws to a close, online sales are trending flat for the year.


If you look at just Thanksgiving through December 19th, and remember, there were five fewer days in 2008, sales were up 5%. I’m half glass full, so I’m loving that number:


Cyber Monday wasn’t the top online shopping day of the year, either. It came in third:


Here’s our journey up to this point:
Holiday E-Commerce Update: Spending Flat Last Week (12/15/08)
Holiday E-Commerce Spending Up 7% Year-Over-Year Last Week (12/10/08)
Online Black Friday Sales Up 1% Over Last Year (12/1/08)
Preparing for the Worst: Bad Online Economic Data Just in Time for Black Friday (11/26/08)

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