Pizza Yellow Pages Searches Expected to Soar in January

Well here’s an interesting nuanced piece of information. Searches for pizza on yellow pages tend to peak in January, according to the Yellow Pages Association. It starts with the very first day of the month, when football games fuel the need for a greasy pie. Football continues the calls to local pizzerias with the NFL playoff series (Go Panthers!).

This year, politics could play a roll in puffing up pizza pertinent searches with the inauguration of Barack Obama occurring on January 20th. Of course, if you didn’t vote for the man, you can always buy a pie on that day in celebration of yours truly, who will turn 31 on that very day (and whose birthdays are always overshadowed every four years by the unfortunately timed presidential event.)

Other interesting tidbits about pizza searchers:

  • 52% are looking for a local restaurant
  • The most likely pizza searcher is a single male, aged 18-24, with a college degree and renting in the Northeast.
  • Maine is the most pizzeria-saturated state with four pizzerias for every 10,000 people.

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