Web Application Delays of 5 Seconds or More Significantly Affect Business Performance

If you have web applications as part of a linking strategy or other online marketing strategy, be sure you don’t have delays of 5 seconds or more. That’s the moment when business performance really starts being affected, according to new data released by Aberdeen Group.

For every second after the 5 second mark:

  • Page views decline by 11%
  • Conversations decline by 7%
  • Overall customer satisfaction decreases by 16%.

“As the importance of managing performance of Web applications is increasing, some of the power that traditionally was reserved for technology vendors is shifting to the end-user side,” states Bojan Simic, research analyst, Aberdeen. “Going forward, market leaders in this space will be defined not by features and functionalities of technology solutions, but by the willingness to understand end-users’ expectations, usage patterns and needs for new types of Web content.”

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