Web Analytics Association Releases 2009 Outlook Survey Data

The Web Analytics Association has released data from a survey conducted about analytics proffesionals’ plans for the coming year. Here’s what they found:

  • Over 40 percent of respondents see funding as the biggest challenge in 2009, the investment outlook is positive
  • Over 96 percent of respondents indicated that they plan to increase or maintain current spending on web analytics in 2009. According to the survey, the budget increases will primarily be used to boost web analytics training.
  • Roughly 81 percent of respondents plan to invest in consulting and staffing to help make the most out of their existing analytics tools and take action on the data they provide to improve web site performance and boost ROI from online marketing campaigns.
  • Over 41 percent indicated they will be investing in add-on tools such as behavioral targeting and paid search.
  • Over 65 percent of respondents revealed a demand to have business decisions driven by analytics, a top web analytics initiative in 2009

What do you think of the results? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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