Internet TV: What Do Users Want?

Last week at CES, several TVs that were internet-capable were rolled out for the world to see. So what do consumers plan on using their TV internet browsers for?

Strategy Analytics set out to find out in a recent survey.

The number one answer? Video on-demand. This should come as surprise to absolutely no one as online video has been growing by leaps and bounds.

Here are the top 8 answers from the survey:

  1. Access Video on Demand without a PC
  2. Searching the home network for video content
  3. Access user-generated content such as Youtube
  4. Play media from a USB drive
  5. Share television experience using messaging services
  6. Make video conference or voice calls via the TV
  7. Download widgets
  8. Give the TV different colour schemes or skins (Note: Selected applications only)

David Mercer, VP, Digital Consumer Practice, comments: “It’s perhaps not surprising that TV viewers want to be able to watch video and TV on the big screen. But many of today’s early web TV services are focusing too heavily on what they perceive as hot internet technologies such as widgets. Our research suggests these are a low priority for many consumers; instead developers should focus on bringing TV viewers the wealth of video content that is available on the web.”

Mercer is right. The only concurrent news with the devices was about the Yahoo! Widget Channel.

Marketers, however, can take note from these survey results. Pursuing video is increasingly becoming a must, with creative that goes beyond traditional advertising. Including user-generated content is a great way to engage that pursuit, something that brands have already been trying with great success. Doritos annual Superbowl campaign is a great example.

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