February 2009 Sees Increase in Search Queries

comScore has released search rankings for February 2009. When they release rankings, they compare them to the month before. Of course, that’s a bit of funky methodology since the two months will inevitably have a different amount of days (with the exception of a July/August comparison).

In this case, February needs even more careful inspection. Yours truly has taken a look at the numbers from last February, a leap year, and compared them to this February.

The following numbers are by the million. For example, the total number of searches for February 2009 was 13.1 billion, but below, it’s represented as 13,104:

(Click on the image to view larger graphic)


Here’s the data comparing to January 2009:


Here’s a comparison of the search market share. As you can see, Google continues its dominance:


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