Audience for Local Content Accessed by Mobile Devices Grows 51% in a Year

It’s no secret that the mobile internet is on the rise, and accessing local information while on-the-go is growing by leaps and bounds. The number of people accessing local content via mobile devices grew by 51% in March 2009 over March 2008, according to comScore.

By far, the mobile browser is the most popular source for accessing local information. 20.7 million users did so in March 2009, an increase of 34% over March 2008

However, mobile apps are the fastest growing, increasing by 83% year-over-year. SMS (aka text messaging) grew 72%. Mobile apps and SMS still trail far behind mobile browsers at 11.3 million users and 11.7 million users respectively for March 2009.


Among the types of content, online directories had the highest percentage of growth, followed by restaurants, maps, and movies.


With hot new phones like the Palm Pre and iPhone 3G S, mobile will only continue to grow and grow. Be sure to get your local content out there and optimize for mobile search!

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