53% of Women Bloggers Willing to Share About Marketing to Women

A new survey by Ketchum shows that 53% of attendees to the popular BlogHer conference are willing to share information or feedback they’ve gathered from their blog to help better market to women.

It won’t be easy, though. Almost half of those surveyed are contacted by a public relations professional at least once a week. 30% are contacted daily. Keep in mind that many of these women are very busy outside of writing their blog.

They’re also not (necessarily) hard as nails journalists that PR and marketing professionals are used to pitching.

If you want to reach them, you need to offer a personal approach. Here’s what survey participants had to say about being pitched:

  • Take the time to read their blogs and understand their areas of focus. Many women bloggers said they would like to hear about news and products that better match their specific interests.
  • This applies to location, too. A number of respondents said they receive communications about products and events not available in their regions or even their countries.
  • Know that they are “more than their blog” — they have other roles in addition to being a mom or a blogger, say respondents, including jobs outside the home.
  • Similarly, don’t assume that all women bloggers are “mommy bloggers.”

What do you think of Ketchum’s survey? Share your thoughts on marketing to women in the comments below.

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