Blogs Increase Traffic, Links and Indexing According to Hubspot Study

Ok, you’ve heard of this blogging thing, heard it might help your business but you’re just not sure if it will *really* bring results. A new Hubspot study will have you publishing a blog faster than you can say “55% more visitors.”

Why would you say that? Because that’s the average increase in visitors to small business websites as a result of blogging, according to the study.

That’s not all.

Small businesses with blogs experienced an average of 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages.

So, yes, blogging has SEO value. All of this, as you can imagine, gives a nice little lift to conversions as well, though the study didn’t have hard numbers on that.

What are you waiting for? Go get your blogging on! (Then come back and read more. Perhaps, more about blogging. Say, for example how Social Networks and Blogs have surpassed email in popularity or how Blogging is helping at least one newspaper weather the current print journalism crisis Oh – and don’t miss out on SEW expert Ron Jones’ two part series on blogging (part 1 and part 2).

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