Shoppers Finding Best Deals Online

Recent data released by Performics may shed light on some of the trends we’re seeing in online shopping this holiday season. Their study was conducted in mid-November and asked questions about the previous 30 and upcoming 60 days.

When asked where they’ve been finding the best deals recently, 45% of participants chose online.

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Where are they having luck finding good deals online? Search came in second at 40%, just after retail websites at 43%. Of course, shoppers may have arrived at retail websites via search. So, theoretically, that search number could actually be much higher.

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What happens when shoppers find the deals? What makes them ultimately place an order? Free shipping offers and discounts on the homepage were most likely to drive people to buy.

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Young adults are far more optimistic about the future. Older adults were more likely to believe their current economic status wouldn’t improve in the near future. Young adults were more likely to spend more this holiday season than in last year’s.

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You may want to keep that last nugget of data in mind for 2010. Going forward, younger adults are more likely to spur the kind of growth needed for the global economic recovery.

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