Forrester Research Reports on “The Best and Worst of Paid Search in 2009”

Do you know the biggest search marketing challenge facing the search industry? Forrester Research thinks it does.

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Forrester has just published a report entitled, “The Best and Worst of Paid Search In 2009,” in which Forrester reviews the best and worst industry-specific ads from 2009. In addition to best practices, the report covers:

  • Why over 50% of the ads they reviewed failed
  • Industry-specific SEM recommendations
  • How to think outside the click

So, why do most ads fail the test?

According to Forrester, “Retail, travel, and CPG companies must improve their calls to action; media and entertainment companies should screen out irrelevant clickers; financial services firms should mention keywords searched in their ads and landing pages; and business services marketers should learn paid search basics.”

In other words, different industries have different weaknesses.

You can download a free copy of the Forrester Research report and a complimentary response from Omniture at

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